De Soto Rural FPD

The DeSoto Rural Fire Protection District is geographically the largest Fire District in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. At 260 square miles we cover over one third of Jefferson County. The District began when a few dedicated people decided to start their own fire department to better serve the residents living around the City of DeSoto. The DeSoto Rural Volunteer Fire Association was officially born on December 6, 1950.  The volunteer Fire Association sold fire tags and held fundraisers to financially support the fire department.  In June of 1987 the citizens living in the area voted to create the tax supported DeSoto Rural Fire Protection District.


3200 Flucom Rd
De Soto, MO 63020 United States

Office 7-3:30


Valle Ambulance District

We at Valle Ambulance District pride ourselves in being a clinically sophisticated and progressive service. The implementation of numerous clinical initiatives, including multi-lead ECG interpretation for the purpose of Cardiac Catheterization Lab activation from the field, Rapid Sequence Intubation, and one of the most comprehensive medication formularies in the state have resulted in tangible improvements to the care we deliver to our community.  In addition to these initiatives, we are proud to have ICU capable ventilators, medication infusion pumps, video laryngoscopes, mechanical CPR devices and many other valuable pieces of equipment on each and every ambulance.  We are proud to offer Critical Care Transport services, provided by our Critical Care Transport Paramedics, in addition to the traditional Advanced Life Support services, most often thought of when you see an ambulance.  


12363 State Route 21
De Soto, MO 63020 United States